Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 10, Session 2, Drama Writers

Today we enjoyed two practices before our guests arrived.  We handed out playbills so that our audience members would know in advance in what order our performances would occur.  

What fun!  These were our very own scripts and we did so well!  

When we all finished performing, we took a bow for our guests and thanked them for coming.  Then, we eagerly hurried to our snacks and beverages!  Drama is serious work, but so much fun!  

Day 10, Session 2, Author Adventures

Today we were eager to receive our guests for our final day celebration, although it was difficult to stop typing -- how we love our computer lab!

We each read at least one piece to our audience and we did a terrific job!  We had a visit from the Penn State Nittany Lion and we posed for pictures.   After we we finished our readings, we enjoyed some cookies, chips, and beverages.  We left quite ready for writing into the new school year!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 9, Session 2, Comic Strip Creations

Biographies, Synopsis, Photoshop touch up

Camper Spotlight: Today we finally finished out comics, everyone (...) was working real hard.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 9, Session 2, Drama Writers

Today we continued working on props for tomorrow's performance.  We worked together to write our playbill and took a group photo.  Haley brought in her computer and took headshots to include in our "Meet the Cast" section.  She worked hard to get the playbill typed just right.  Thank you, Haley! 

Also thank you to ALL campers!  You are stellar writers and performers who continue to work hard each day on your pieces, such as your monologues and scripts.  It will all come together beautifully .  We have two additional practices before the big event at 2:45 p.m.   No worries (even if we all have the jitters today).   ; )

And of course, thank you, Anna!  You have been such a help with last-minute changes, role playing, and artistry! 

Day 9, Session 2, Author Adventures

Today we explored different ways to generate writing ideas, such as using license plates to create stories.  Maybe we'd write about a vacation or what license plates we may see when we are around Dorney Park.  We played with numbers and letters from license plates.  For a Connecticut license plate, we wrote about 3 mummies in Egypt and how we'd never want to get Lost with them there! 

We read The Seashore Book by Charlotte Zolotow, paintings by Wendell Minor.  In this picture book, a boy asks his mother "What is the seashore like?"  We noted delicious or juicy words in the book and then used our own describing words both before and after handling shells tucked in sand.  We found that after touching and examining the shells, our words were richer than when we had taken a quick look at them.  Sara was inspired to write about seashells in a poem that she shared with the class. 

Speaking of poems...Ms. Greenspan actually rapped a poem-- twice ( we begged).  It is called "School Daze Rap" that is in a book called Lunch Money and Other Poems about School.  She promised that if she does it again in the fall, she will wear rapper clothes. 

Finally, we spent additional time in the computer lab finishing and printing pieces that we want to share for Friday's event.  We are very excited!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 8, Session 2, Drama Writers

Today we practiced for the plays we are going to perform on Friday. We also practiced some monulogues too. The place were we practiced is the audortorium.  All the plays were very good! After we came up from the auditorium we made a bunch of props for all of our plays. It took a long time but it was definitely worth it. We made some awsome props.

Written and typed by Neil

Day 8, Session 2, Author Adventures

Today we explored our sense of smell! We smelled 3 different kinds of scents without knowing what they were. We cast our imaginary fishing lines into memory clouds .We filled each cloud with words that described what we smelled and what memories were attached to each scent. Then we each wrote about one memory.

We also discussed tall tales like Paul Bunyan and exaggerated expressions. Together our camp wrote a tall tale called Old Man Jenkins. We voted on everything in our tale like his name and how his parents had a problem because his hiccups kept causing tornadoes . It was a lot of fun!

Typed by a Drama Writer, Yousef.